Teaching Workshops

The Moving Voice Laboratory - CCA


5th, 12th & 19 February, 18:00 - 20:30, The Clubroom, CCA

The Moving Voice Laboratory is a series of workshops focusing on storytelling through movement, sound and text, and on the synergy of these elements.

The sessions will include work on voice and movement anatomy, as well as how our movement affects our voice, duet and solo improvisation and text work. We will focus on the investigation of our individual movement and voice qualities, the ways these speak to and meld with one another.

Within each session there will be time for technical work, play, instant composition and for observation/discussion on the stories our bodies can create.

Reservations for the sessions are essential. To book a place please contact zoekatsilerou@gmail.com.


For private sessions please visit https://opportunities.creativescotland.com/opportunity/index/1a4e2e90-6191-48fe-8e83-95ada1294081

The Moving Voice Laboratory & Animikii

Original photo by Martin Venherm

Art work by Animikii

For the second year, The Moving Voice Laboratory is visiting Animikki and their Northern Theatre Laboratory series.

A two-evening Laboratory investigating relationships between text and choreography and the performative qualities that arise from this collaboration. Voice and movement, text as choreography, choreography as narrative.

We will work through play and pleasure. With exercises on technique, composition, improvisation and body narrative we will investigate the somatics of movement, voice and text. Participants will be given space and guidance to explore individual movement and voice qualities allowing for their body to reveal its own language and for the language to drop into their bodies.

Please, bring a piece of text of your choice, but do not memorise it.

Price: £30

Location: Hope Mill Studios, Manchester.

Times: 6.30pm - 9pm

Dates: 9th & 10th April 2019

For bookings please visit: 


Photo by Martin Venherm



Counterpoints of Movement, Music and Language

Au Brana Cultural Centre, South of France, 12-18 August 2019

A workshop led by Eilon Morris and Zoe Katsilerou, focusing on layering and transgressing rhythms of movement, language and music.

How do we alter or contrast an established tempo?
How do we work outside of our habitual sense of rhythm?
How do we find play and nuance in repeated material?

These sessions will offer participants opportunities to experience and explore some of the key rhythmic approaches discussed in Eilon’s book, Rhythm in Acting and Performance, with Zoe also leading technical work on movement and voice. Informed by Eilon and Zoe’s ongoing research into rhythm and relationships between movement and voice, these practices draws on principles of play, ritual and music, combining these in an accessible yet rigorous approach to training performers. Open to performers of all backgrounds and disciplines including actors, dancers and musicians with an interest in movement, sound and play.

Cost of the session is €200 with accommodation on site at Au Brana for another €100. Food will be prepared collectively during the residency, with each participant contributing €50 for the week. This will be on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 15 participants, and to secure a place you will need to complete an application form and pay a non-refundable deposit of €50 (refunded if we cancel).

Successful applicants will need to cover their own travel expenses, arriving at Au Brana 11th August and departing 18th August. The nearest airports are Toulouse and Bordeaux.

To apply please contact Oliviero at info@aubrana.com with application form OBRAWORKSHOPSAPP