Alongside dancer Penny Chivas, singer/composer Nicolette Macleod and composer, musician, actor Eilon Morris, I have co-founded ICEBERG, an international group of interdisciplinary improvisers interested in exploring relationships between music, dance and theatre improvisation.

ICEBERG is currently supported by Creative Scotland to deliver three Weekends of Improvisation (WIG) at the Centre for Contemporary Arts.

This July (2020), ICEBERG will run their 4th Weekend of Improvisation online. For more information please visit and follow our Instagram (icebergimprovisation) and Facebook (Iceberg) pages.

During WIG, ICEBERG invite dance, theatre and music practitioners to exchange improvisation practices, as a way of continuing to nurture the ever-growing Scottish improvisation community. WIGs also offer public workshops and performances.

WIG III promo video

For more details about all improvisation events, please visit