Separated in Birth - Yorkshire Dance - No Dress Code
Photo by: Anthony Robling

I am a performer and maker with background in contemporary dance, devised theatre, physical theatre, music, polyphonic singing, voice coaching and improvisation. Originally from Greece, I am currently based in the UK. 

My work and practice are interdisciplinary, and sit between dance, music, theatre and improvisation. I am particularly interested in relationships between choreography and text, and look for the poetic qualities these can evoke. I use my performances as a way of reflecting on my observations of the socio-political everyday, and wish to create conversations between myself, my work and its audiences.

As well as performing, I teach choreography, theatre, voice (song and voice coaching), improvisation and devising. As well as my freelance work, I am currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at Leeds School of Arts.

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