The Moving Voice Laboratory

Founded in 2016, the Moving Voice Laboratory is a space for performers, dancers, actors, musicians and educators to encounter Zoe’s practice and explore the entanglement of movement and voice. Drawing on her ongoing research on somatic practices, contemporary dance, voice coaching/singing, psychophysical actor training and improvisation, Zoe’s holistic practice offers a safe and creative space for participants to experiment with the elements of choreography, sound and language.

The February-March 2021 Online Laboratory will include four bi-monthly group taught sessions, two half an hour one-to-one classes and personal project mentorship, offering a combination of taught and personal research sessions.

Participants will engage in a variety of movement, voice, improvisation and research tasks, and will be encouraged to document their learning process.


Group sessions:

February 6th, 20th

March 6th, 20th

Times 10:00am – 12:00pm

2 x One-to-one sessions

Dates and times to be arranged with individuals

Personal Project Mentorship – 2 x 30min sessions

Dates and times to be arranged with individuals


£120 early bird/concession (early bird price ends 31st December 2020)
£150 full price

Spaces are limited to 10 participants – for reservations and enquiries contact Zoe on

Supported by The Makings of the Actor

With a commitment to highlighting the poetic within the everyday, within these sessions participants are provided with tools which they can use as appropriate in their individual practices, as well as for space within which they are encouraged to step outside of their familiar, transgressing stablished patterns of moving, speaking, singing, imagining, perceiving.

The Moving Voice Laboratory was founded and has been running successfully since 2016 and has ongoing support from the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, and institutions such as Leeds School of Arts and ArtEz (The Netherlands). Since its beginning, it has visited organisations and institutions such as the University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Arts, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Oldham Campus University, DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre and Animikii Theatre.

An improvisation workshop held by Zoe Katsilerou and Eilon Morris of ICEBERG at the CCA in Glasgow as part of ICEBERG’s Weekend of Improvisation on 13 January 2019 © Chantal Guevara

The training process includes:

-cultivating deep listening

-sounding in relationship to movement

-freeing the voice from physical tensions and blockages

-the movement of sound

– musicality of movement

– training simultaneity of voice and movement

– embodying text

– creating performance material through physical and vocal improvisation

Through play, improvisations, vocal and choreographic techniques which aim towards exploring and freeing the creative process, Zoe encourages the participants to befriend, listen and trust their voices and physicality.

For questions and enquiries, please contact Zoe on

Past Moving Voice Laboratories



February – May 2019

Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) – Glasgow

November 2018

Northern Theatre Laboratory – Animikii Theatre – Manchester

May 2018

Bunbury Banter Theatre Company – Dumfries and Galloway

April 2018

Oldham Campus University – EXIT Festival

February – May 2018

Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) – Glasgow

January 2017 – in collaboration with Eilon Morris

Diagonal Dance School – Greece


University of Glasgow – Theatre Practices and Theatre Studies Master Degrees