February 2017.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

A woman is building a labyrinth on the beach. She is there every day and has spread big cardboards writing "I need help to build a labyrinth" in the village. Some locals do come along and give her a hand. Some tourists interrupt their idylic vacations and visit her for a little while. They dig a few holes, they put a few sticks in the ground, they chat for a little while and then return to their lives. 

"Labyrinths" is a project conceived whilst artist in residence at the Sura Medura International Residency in Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka, in February/March 2017. It includes installation, sound design and a movement performance, and talks about journeys and encounters and how these can alter our perspective on life.

“LabyrinthZ”, the initial performance, was created on Hikkaduwa beach with help from locals, tourists and an immense amount of support from fellow artists Mary Genis, Lewis Sherlock, Joshua Sofaer and Ross Whyte.

 “Labyrinth’s memory no.1”, was performed at the Briggait in Glasgow, in April 2017, as part of the Sura Medura exhibition.

“Labyrinth’s memory no.2”, will be a durational piece performed at the Syn Festival Edinburgh, on the 12th March 2018. A big thank you for inviting me as their artist in residence and for all their support.

Details and documentation of each show can be found below.

April 2017

Labyrinth's memory no.1

February- March 2017