Separated In Birth

I am currently developing Separated in Birth, a  dance-theatre duet exploring the idea of the womb as the first place where humans lived.

Using movement, text and music, Zoe Katsilerou, Eilon Morris and Judith Adams, create a meditative experience, inviting the audience to consider the similarities between all of us. Through trying to remember all the places we have lived in, with a particular focus on the womb, this half-autobiographical half-fictional piece, sits between theatre and dance, music and sound, improvisation and structure, seeking for moments of humanity, similarities and connection within our everyday, as a protest against current divisive politics around the world.


A collaboration between Zoe Katsilerou (performer/choreographer), Eilon Morris (composer/musician) and Judith Adams (writer).

The development of 'Separated in Birth' has been supported by The Work Room, Yorkshire Dance and Whitestone Arts.