Gaelictronica 2018 - CCA - Singing with WHYTE

I am a voice coach, singing teacher and dance artist. I teach small groups and individuals and my focus is on improving the relationship between the body and the voice as a means to clearer communication both in performance and within the everyday.

Exploring breath, vocal resonators and physical blockages, I encourage my students to listen, observe, and give space to their voice to grow; through understanding the ways in which it operates and the power it holds, participants are invited to explore its past and train its future potentials.

A little bit about the work:

My ethos and approach to voice is rooted in the body and my aim is to provide a safe space for individuals to explore the landscapes of their voice and physicality, and to observe the affect those have on the expression of the self. My approach draws on meditation breathing techniques, pranayama, asanas (hatha yoga poses) and somatic practices and combine those with voice coaching and singing techniques.

In 2015, as part of my research on the relationship between movement and the voice in performance at the MLitt in Theatre Practices at the University of Glasgow, I started investigating the relationships between voice and somatic practices as a means to discover and free one's natural voice. This cross-discipline research led to The Holistic Voice sessions at Yoga Healing Glasgow and Studio 70, and to The Moving Voice Laboratory which run succesfully at theatre companies, institutions and organisation across the UK.

In January 2018, I was invited by Deborah Middleton (Co-director of the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research) at the University of Huddersfield, to present parts of this research to staff and PhD students of their research department.

The Moving Voice Laboratory will continue its journey in 2019 both as a group and private practice. 

For actors, performers, dancers, theatre makers, singers please find more information here: http://www.cca-glasgow.com/programme/the-moving-voice-laboratory-12feb

For anyone who wishes to have private lessons please get in touch, no professional experience required.