A Call To Care

A Call to Care is a creative documentary-style film exploring nurses’ experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and their hopes for the future. Co-created by artist collective archipelago and nurses from the Royal College of Nursing. Made over 8 weeks through creative conversations with nurses across the UK, the film asks us to stop and consider all that has happened in the past 18 months, the toll it has taken on those at the frontline, and what comes next. 

Writer: Zia Ahmed
Filmmaker: Pishdaad Modaressi Chahardehi

Dancer/Choreographer: Zoe Katsilerou
Performer: Shreya Patel
Directors: Beth Knight and Laurence Young
Composer: Sean Ryan
Producer: Grace Dickson
Nursing Historian Consultant: Christine Hallett

A Call to Care is a HOME Homemakers commission, with additional support from Camden People’s Theatre, Lawrence Batley Theatre and The Civic, Barnsley