let’s hold hands the old way

“let’s hold hands the old way” is a multilingual biographical screen-dance project created by Zoe Katsilerou (choreographer, film maker) and Eilon Morris (composer, sound designer). The piece premiered at Unfix NYC in June 2o21 and was presented at City Moves Agency’s DanceLive festival in October 2021.

Provoked by the UK government’s poster on how to wash hands displayed everywhere throughout the pandemic and inspired by the creators’ yearning for physical contact, I choreographed an intimate piece of four hands, which sits alongside biographical accounts of stories woven into Morris’ sounds. The stories featured in this piece are spoken by Niamh O’Loughlin, Sam Mackay, Fabian Wixe, Prashansa Sharma, Claire and Antoine Grinbaum de Belloy, Judita Vivas, Megan Woodbell, Harden Stark and Lena Petropoulou.

Choreographer/Performer Zoe Katsilerou

Sound Designer/Performer Eilon Morris

‘let’s hold hands the old way’ will continue to travel to festivals around the world.

Supported by Kala Sangam