Movement As Language

31 August – 4 September 2020

10:00 – 16:00

Dansalliansen, Stockholm, Sweden

This work is a combination of Zoe and Eilon’s practices and research, whose collaboration offers a holistic psychophysical training for actors and dancers.

Rhythm, Choreography and Language

Shifting seamlessly between movement, voice and text, this four-day workshop will offer tools through which performers can cultivate greater versatility and integration within their performance practices. In these sessions we will work with voice as a means of establishing deeper connections to movement, and inversely, we will draw on movement and somatic awareness to sensitise participants to their internal rhythms as well as the underlying rhythms of the language and text in their performances.

Throughout this workshop participants will be offered a collection of tools and strategies for creating and responding to performance material with clarity, sensitivity and creativity. Encouraging play and experimentation, we will work with improvisational tools, as well as choreography, text and devising techniques for movement and language. We will draw on simple elements such as the pulse of our heart and the pathways of our movement and voice, as well as working through imaginative and creative processes. This workshop will hold a safe environment for the participants to cultivate greater awareness of their bodies and voices and rhythms, as well the rhythms and musicality of text and choreography and the synergy of these elements.

The workshop is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and TeaterAlliansen.

To reserve a place, please visit Dansalliansen.

*This is a public workshop, but Stockholm-based artists will be prioritised.