Potamida’s Words


Actor, Singer, Composer, Deviser

Language: Greek

NoVan Theater Group present their new show "Potamida's Words".

"Potamida's Words" references traditional folk Greek tales in both its music and its verses and includes storytelling, symbolic movement and live music.Seven actors and musicians bring to life the full of nucances and rhtyhm story of Potamida, a small, singing bird that lives next to the river and sings of love. 

«Έρωτας ονομάζεται… κάψιμο στην καρδούλα,
που πέφτει απά στα ζωντανά και τους αλλάζει μοίρα.
Είναι στα μάτια ένα φώς...χαμόγελο στα χείλη...
Κι όποιος τον νιώθει είναι Θεός,κι όποιος τον χάνει ξένος,
Μα κι όποιος δεν τον έζησε, φεύγει απ’τη Γής χαμένος»

Metrical text, musical atmospheres and original songs, humor and minimalistic images, compose the kanvas of a story of love, whereby the eternal archetypes of Love, Death, Faith and Hope set up their mysterious dance.

Playwright-Director: Lena Petropoulou
Choreographer-Assistant director: Tasos Papadopoulos
Original music: Alexandros Ioannou (percussion), Zoe Katsilerou (accordeon-singing), Giannis MAstrogiannis (violin), Gilles Drag (basse), Panos Charalampidis (guitar)
Set-costumes-production: Νovan Theater Group
Lights: Anestis Ataktidis
Graphic design : Giorgio Dernikas
Video: Dimitris Kourtidis
Photoes: Thodoris Tsompanidis
Production CD: studio ‘ARKADIKON’
Actors: Giorgio Dernikas, Zoe Katsilerou, Giannis Mastrogiannis, Caroline Riga, Gilles Drag, Panos Charalampidis, Alexandros Ioannou