The Crime C.

The Crime C.

Work in progress

Rhythm and voice coach, Musical director, Co-deviser, Performer

Language: Greek

 ΝοVan theatre group laboratory presented this work in progress, "The Crime C.", based on Marguerite Yourcenar's monologue Clytemnestra, or Crime", directed by Lena Petropoulou.

This worked focused and presented Clytemnestra's (C.) agonising monologue in front of the court, when she was called to apologise for the murder of her husband Agamemnon (A.). The main site of action was a table and two benches, occasionally used to represent the court, the dinner table or a malleable place which facilitated scenes from her past. The role of C. was spread between eight women and two men. In this performance, we aimed to open up the universal notions of love, betrayal, faith, revenge and catharsis and present their feminine and masculine aspects.

Original text: "Clytemnestra, or Crime",  Μarguerite Yourcenar
Text editing: ΝοVan theatre group
Director: Lena Petropoulou
Assistant director: Konstandinos Melidis
Movement: Tasos Papadopoulos
Rhythm training/ Music director: Zoe Katsilerou
Pilates instructor: Rodi Vogiatzi
Costumes, set: ΝοVan theatre group
Assistant: Gilles Drag
Graphic designer: George Dernikas
Performing: Ioanna Horti, Euagelia Nota, Nikol Leotaridou, Mairi Sarafidou, Zoe Katsilerou, Petros Maliaras, Anastasia Temiridou, Lenia Kokinou, Caroline Riga, Giannis Karakasis.