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A 7-hour durational performance creating migration journeys through laying split peas one after the other on a giant floor map.

Migration Matters Festival 2017, Sheffield.

A collaboration with Third Angel and SBC Theatre.

Commissioned by Migration Matters Festival
Supported by Arts Council England
With thanks to Leeds Beckett University

  A line of turmeric marks the migration route of Syrians to Turkey in 2016. A line of coffee beans marks the route from Oceania to Madagascar in 1000AD. The flows of migrations through history unfold through the live construction of a map. This performance invites you to engage with the process of mapping migrations, and to consider the history and the reasons for movement- whether pushed or pulled…
  We are delighted to present the first ever performance of The Journeys, in collaboration with Stand & Be Counted Theatre, the UK’s first ‘Theatre Company of Sanctuary.’
  Drop in and see us at Sheffield’s brilliant Theatre Delicatessen, stay for as long or short a time as you wish, watch the map grow, and, if you wish, tell us a story of migration of your own, or one you have heard.
If you can’t join us, follow our progress on Twitter and Instagram at #TheJourneys.

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