The Musicality of Movement and Language

The Musicality of Movement and Language

MLitt in Theatre Practices Workshop series

November-December 2016


The Musicality of Movement and Language workshop series will consist of a practical research into movement, speech and the collaboration of these.

Participants will become active researchers and will have space to play and experiment.

Throughout the duration of the five weeks, we will draw on a range of approaches to actor training, including those of Susan Bing, Konstantin Stanislavski, Vzevold Meyerhold, Jerzy Grotowski and Nicolas Nunez as well as Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenburg and Frankie Armstrong’s voice work. The content of the sessions will be build around the encounter between the work of these practitioners and my own research into voice and movement and will include technical work on physical and vocal skills, improvisation and text work with a focus on poetry. More specifically the sessions will cover:

Session 1 Physical and Vocal Improvisation
Session 2 The Musicality of Movement
Session 3 Embodying Sound
Session 4 Making Sound Specific and Devising
Session 5 The Musicality of Language
Session 6 Work in Progress/Sharing

These workshops are not exclusively for actors, however an interest and willingness to explore movement and voice is essential. The participants will be expected to attend the entire series of workshops.

At the end of the five weeks there will be an informal sharing followed by a short feedback session between the performers and myself.