I am an interdisciplinary performer and maker with a background and skills on theatre (physical and street theatre), contemporary dance, devising, classical piano, folk accordion, folk singing, polyphonic singing, voice coaching, improvisation. Born in Greece, I am currently based in the UK and work across Europe.

I studied Applied Music Education at the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, GR) and Physical and Street Theatre at Ougka Klara school. In 2015, I received a scholarship to undertake practice-based research at the University of Glasgow as part of the MLitt in Theatre Practices, where, trough studio work and performance making, I investigated relationships between voice and movement in performance.

Following my studies, I founded the Moving Voice Laboratory, a space for actors, dancers, performers and makers to explore relationships between choreography and text. The laboratory has been running successfully since 2016 and has ongoing support by the CCA.

I am associate artist with Sura Medura and DUENDE;  collaborator with SBC Theatre company; member of the Natural Voice network and The Work Room; founding member of improvisation collective ICEBERG and NoVan Theatre in Greece.

Performance Making; I create interdisciplinary, dance-theatre performances as a way of highlighting my observations of the world. My work uses elements of choreography, live and recorded music and text, and I have a particular interest in the poetic elements that relationships between choreography and text can evoke.  My work has included installation.

Voice Coaching; I specialise in voice coaching through an investigation of one's body as a whole. My knowledge, experience, understanding of the body and ongoing research support me in creating spaces for my students to experience the full potential and strength of their voices. My singing preferences are on traditional Greek and Eastern European songs.

For my ongoing project "Lull The World", I collect and record lullabies from around the world as a protest against borders.

I am also a movement, voice and drama teacher. You can find more about my freelance teaching work here Voice and here Workshops