Zoe is a physical performer, theatre maker, singer and visual artist. She was born in Greece and is currently based in Glasgow, UK. She is founding member of NoVan Theatre Gourp, collaborator with SBC theatre, assosiate artist with Suramedura and member of the Natural Voice network.

Performing; Zoe's practice includes movement and voice training. It focuses on the relationship between these elements through the use of choreography and text work and my creative process draws strongly on the use of improvisation and studio based research.

Singing; As a singer, Zoe specialises in traditional Greek and Eastern European songs. She teaches singing to small groups and individuals, with a focus on discovering, connecting with and nurturing one's voice as a means to improve communication. Her teaching draws on and is highly influenced by meditation, pranayama breathing techniques and uses asanas to explore physical resonators of the voice.

Visual art; Zoe creates installations and artworks as a way of highlighting  her observations of the world. She works with forms of poetry, echoes of mythology and movement to reflect on events of the everyday. 


Zoe is currently facilitating a group of young people as part of Front&Back supported by Theatre at Queens, the Pollok House (Glasgow) and the National Trust of Scotland. They are devising a site-specific perofrance inspired by World War 1 which will be presented on the 17th September as part of Doors Open Days at the Pollok House.

Part of the work Zoe created whilst at the Sura Medura International Artist Residency in early 2017, will be exhibited at the Summerhall as part of Edinburgh Finge 2017. The exhibition will run from 3 August until 24 September featuring work from the Colombo Art Biennale and performance and installation work curated by Ruwanthie de Chickera, David Cotterell and colleagues of Suramedura.