In Between the Harmonies

In Between the Harmonies

Zoe Katsilerou Singer/Dancer-Theatre Maker/Lecturer


“In Ancient Greece, the term ‘harmony’ referred to the way things were held together by the tension of contrary forces, as … the suturing of bones in the body”, writes anthropologist Tim Ingold in his book ‘The Life of Lines’. As a song leader, singer and facilitator, my experience of being entangled amongst harmonies in a song finds resonance in Ingold’s writing. Often, the closer the harmonies, the stronger the tension, the more my body floods with vibration and drive for connection with the other voices. What can singing harmonies teach us about the ways we relate to the world? Can we use song as a metaphor and a means for nurturing our relationships as humans?

In this presentation, I am reflecting on my experiences of leading Govanhill Voices, Glasgow, and on my individual, ongoing research on relationships between the body and the voice through the Moving Voice Laboratory and private sessions, to discuss the vital role I believe close harmonies in song can play in the ways we understand and relate to each other.

Spheres of Singing

University of Glasgow

May 2020

The Moving Voice Laboratory – CCA

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