Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are currently no scheduled live performances.

"Hand In Hand" or "let's hold hands in the old way"

Inspired by the government’s poster on how to wash hands, I wanted to explore various ways of holding hands, or touching with hands. Collaborating with Eilon Morris, we created short choreographies and music. These will be layered with stories of holding hands as shared by friends and colleagues, aiming to create a short film to be premiered in the summer of 2021.

Supported by Kalasangam Arts Centre

A Murmuration

A screen-dance project exploring notions of dislocation due to relocation.

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A screen-dance project inspired by the shift of perception of time during the COVID-19 quarantine - April 2020

Choreography/Film/Performing: Zoe Katsilerou

Sound: Eilon Morris

Time has slowed down, the everyday has changed form.